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3251 S 9200 W Magna, UT 84044

Exterior_800x600_2434961We have enjoyed our home, it’s so quiet with a beautiful view of the mountain facing west and many deer grazing through the yard year round. It is the perfect location- 20 minutes from Salt Lake, 20 minutes to Herriman, 30 minutes to South Jordan and 25 minutes to Tooele. Easy access to SR201, Bacchus Highway and Mountain View Corridor. We have loved the space as well as the lot setup that we have made for ease of use. We have done many upgrades to the house with the most recent being the main level bathroom. My favorite part of the property is the huge beautiful tree right in the middle giving the perfect shading for the house, it is so full of life(late bloomer so don’t worry if it doesn’t green up with everything else). It also has a HUGE tire swing!

The most exciting thing that has happened with our property is that last summer a movie was filmed using the inside of the house and the property. It has a great story line and was an all around beautiful experience. USA movie release(hopefully in theaters!) info should be listed soon.

Check out the trailer:

Living here has been a great experience all around and I wouldn’t have had it any other way and I know you will love it too!

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