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384 South 450 West, American Fork, UT 84003

Exterior_800x600_2361987Over 11 years ago I made a big trek across the country from Illinois to Utah. Newly single with four children 4-12 years old, it wasn’t easy. I was fortunate enough to buy a home but I really didn’t know what to expect from the neighborhood. Looking back on the last 11 years, I’m so thankful to the wonderful people around me. The neighbors were and are all wonderful, but the LDS ward is beyond that…they became the extended family I needed. I have never felt so at home anywhere I’ve lived before. It saddens me to think that I will be moving away from so many wonderful people who never judged me, who supported me through years of school, and so many who were willing to help me with the most random tasks. I would never leave this area if it was completely up to me and I still don’t want to. But life has given me a new adventure and a new way to grow, and I must, very reluctantly, say good bye to the most wonderful neigh borhood and friends.

The house was perfect for my little family. My children loved growing up here and consider this their “home.” They especially loved the large backyard and trampoline under the shade. I’ve fed MANY teens and children over the years while they played at my house. There have been ample children in the neighborhood. Every year for Halloween, there is a trunk-or-treat for anyone who wants to participate and it ends with a chili cook-off at the church building. LDS and non-LDS neighbors all love it. I have no complaints about the schools here. I am a firm believer that as long as parents stay involved, the children will excel in school and they will have positive experiences. The elementary school has all the resources anyone could ask for and my children had wonderful teachers there. My children’s experiences at the jr. high school and the high school have been all positive so far (My 4th children will be entering high school this year).

I hope you love this neighborhood as much as I have and get to know the wonderful people in it!

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