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6 Free Tips to Sell Your Home For More Money

The average buyer sees somewhere between 3 to 15 homes. Good agents make them limit homes to what they can afford and something they would really buy. So how can you make your home seem better than the rest? How can you sell your home quicker for more money? Do what model homes do and make the home appear perfect. Here are 6 free tips to sell your home for more money:

1- Spruce up the yard

The first thing someone sees (besides your neighborhood) is your yard and the front of your home. Take your time to make sure your yard is looking amazing! Trim bushes, cut the grass, plant flowers, or if its the winter make sure you don’t have snow coving the walk ways and drive ways. You want your home to give a great first impression.

If you have a lot of work to get it up to par, just focus on the front. Think of a model home, most likely the front yard is complete but the back yard is still dirt. Note, it has dirt not weeds.

2- Declutter

Less is more! Imagine this, you are out shopping for a new home. You go into the master closet that seems big enough, you look around and you see that every inch is packed to the point that you don’t need hangers because the clothes are packed so tight. Imagine the shelves in the closet full of boxes and have things almost falling off because they are poorly stacked and have too many things.

Whats your first 2 thoughts? Probably, “These people have too much stuff” and “Do we have too much stuff so we will have the same problem?” Imagine a closet that has half that amount of clothing with very few boxes in the closet. All the sudden you look like you have a closet 5 feet bigger. The more you can take out of the home the bigger it will see. This works with closets, rooms, garages, everything.

3- Depersonalize 

When you walk into a model home you might see the pictures on the wall and just brush them off thinking, “that is a nice picture.” Next time look a little closer. Chances are it is not a picture of a family or a religious picture. By depersonalizing and removing some of these pictures it makes the buyers be able to picture them selves in the home that much easier.

4- Deep Clean

Take your time to clean those spots that get often get missed. The cleaner the home looks when someone walks through, the more likely they are to think you kept great care of the home. The nice part is once you give a good deep clean to the home it should be ready to show for a while, you won’t have to deep clean for every showing, a quick clean and declutter should do the trick.

5- Stage Rooms

Take your time to lay out furniture on how rooms could be best used. This is especially helpful for rooms that have a awkward shape or don’t seem to have a set purpose. Note that this might be a different purpose than what you currently use the room for. You can use furniture from other rooms or borrow some from friends. Avoid buying furniture unless you plan to sell it with the home (which isn’t common).

6- Smell

This is the most important if you have pets. You should make sure you do your best to vacuum up pet dandruff and use a candle or Febreeze to get rid of the smell before the showings. You should be careful with this step, sometimes you can make your home smell too strong and have the same problem as before.

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