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The Perfect Views, Neighborhood, and Home

97 W 1600 N Orem UT Hi!  Welcome! This wonderful family home has been the center of our lives!  Children have grown up here; we’ve hosted graduations, missionary farewell parties, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding open houses and many, many family get-togethers–we get together for any excuse we can find!!  This has been the center because mom was here–and had the biggest house!!! 🙂
The grandchildren have come along and have had a wonderful time with all the cousins–running around on the lawn, running through the sprinkler, chasing each other and playing games till the parents dragged them away to their separate homes.
We have all loved this home!  It has been a place of safety and peace.  The neighborhood  and neighbors are great!!   If you are LDS this ward is fantastic–I will miss the wonderful people who have been a part of my life for so many years!!  Elementary, Junior High and Senior High schools are close by and are great schools.
The view of Timpanogos is always breathtaking–when it turns color in the fall, when it is snow capped or completely covered; when it greens in the spring; it is always amazing–and you can see it from the window over the sink!!Kitchen
The house itself is very sturdy, with 2 X 6″ outer wall construction, extra insulation in walls and R50 in the attic.  Very good on utilities.  The garden has been worked and fertilized ever since we moved in, so it’s easy planting and produces well every year.  But yes, you will have to weed it!!!
I’m sad to leave this home that I have loved so much where so many memories have been made, but excited to start a new chapter.  I so hope you will love this wonderful home and find the joy I have found here!!

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