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Thanks for thinking of us as your next career! We are always looking to hire talented, driven individuals to come help grow our real estate empire. If you are interested in working with us, please click the link below. If you would like to understand more about how Red Sign Team is one of the top teams in Utah and how we can propel your career, call us at 801.850.5600 or email us at

Red Sign Team 2016

A Better Way To Be A Real Estate Agent

We all believe that working together we can have lives worth living, careers worth having, and businesses worth owning.  Working together the the load associated to buying and selling real estate becomes much easier to handle and more enjoyable week in and week out because we are in this together all working towards the same goals. We look to hire agents that can bring to life our mission statement of helping our clients, friends, and family build wealth through buying and selling real estate. For this we look for hustle, heart, and a love of doing what is best for each client.

We have built our team upon the foundation of proven models and leverage out using our systems to maximize the customer experience without overbearing our agents. Teamwork and focus help us achieve success for our clients that they want to shout off the roof tops.

Come build wealth with us!