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Beaver County Real Estate

Beaver County, named for the North American beavers that are very abundant in the area, is home to nearly 7,000 people. Most of the jobs in the area are in agriculture, mining, fishing and forestry, as well as education, health and food services. This beautiful rural county is not densely populated and it’s bordered by the Tushar Mountains on the east.

Beaver County Real Estate History

Beaver County was first explored in 1776 during the Dominguez-Excalante Expedition although the county itself wasn’t created until January 1856 when Mormon settlers founded Beaver, the largest city and seat of the county. The name, unsurprisingly, comes from the large amount of North American beavers found in the area.

Beaver County real estate changes very slowly as most people who move here make it their permanent home. Like most areas around the country, the area was hit by the recession and there are a number of foreclosures still on the market. The county’s population is expected to grow, along with employment and home prices.

Popular Cities

Beaver County Real Estate Attractions

The major attraction in Beaver County is the Fishlake National Forest, which contains the biggest freshwater mountain lake in Utah. The forest is spread over many counties in South Central Utah and the lake itself is a popular destination for sport fishing. Many species of fish live in Fish Lake, including Yellow Perch and large lake trout.

Major Influences of Beaver County Real Estate

Government is the largest non-agricultural industry in Beaver County and it draws most people into the area. Employment here is stable and many people chose to move to Beaver County to escape the city and enjoy small-town life. The area has low crime rates, relatively stable real estate prices and a good school district, making it especially suitable for families.

County Grants and Downpayment Assistance

There are two primary grants available for buying Beaver County real estate. You may qualify for the USDA Rural Housing program, which offers no money down financing for the entire county. There are income requirements to meet, although there’s a good chance you’ll qualify. Utah Housing Corp also offers down payment assistance mortgages to help you buy a home in Beaver County.

County Real Estate Experts

The team at Red Sign can help you sell a house in Beaver County or buy a new home at an affordable price. We’re familiar with the real estate market trends throughout Beaver County, including the larger cities of Beaver, Minersville and Greenville. Whether you’re ready to move on to something bigger and better or just want to get out of the big city, we’ll help you through the whole transaction. We’re proud to offer knowledgeable, friendly and experience real estate service and encourage you to contact us today to get started!