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BYU Approved Housing

Provo has an interesting investment market that is unique to the area. Having one of the largest schools in the state you would the rental market would be easy to jump in and make money. Well, BYU has limited some investment properties because of BYU Approved Housing. It limits the housing that BYU students can live in.

What Is  BYU Approved Housing

BYU approved housing means that the university has signed off on the rental unit saying their students can rent. All single, undergraduate students not living at home must live either on campus or in BYU approved housing.

What Makes BYU Approved

With BYU’s honor code, BYU has created some guide lines to help BYU students keep up the honor code. Here are some of the biggest rules for BYU approved housing:

  •  BYU Approved housing must adequately separate single men and women,
  • BYU Approved housing must exercise reasonable efforts to maintain BYU Residential Living Standards,
  • BYU Approved housing must maintain the facilities in good repair, and
  • BYU Approved housing must not abuse basic tenant rights.

To become contracted, owners must go through a process including paperwork, an inspection and agreeing to the expectations placed on all contracted facilities. It is the easiest to buy a BYU approved house but you can go through the process as well. Here is the housing handbook if you want to read more about the rules. We can help you out with these as we have contacts in the BYU Approved housing department.

BYU Approved Houses for Sale

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BYU Approved Housing Map

BYU Approved Housing Map