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    Calculating Debt to Income Ratio

    Debt to income is how lenders determine how much you can afford. They are looking for you to have a debt-to-income of between 40% to 45% depending on the loan program you are doing.

    You can figure out your debt-to-income quick and easy with a little simple math. Basically it is the ratio of how much you bring in to how much you have going towards debt a month. These could be, but not limited to:

    • house payment (the one you are looking to buy)
    • car payment
    • student loans
    • personal loans
    • credit cards
    • child support
    • alimony
    • any other monthly debt payments you have

    Lets do an example:

    Lets say you make $4,000 a month (before taxes). We use that as your income. Then add up all your debt. If you pay $750 for your cars, $150 towards credit cards, and $100 to student loans you have debt of $1,000. A house payment of $1,000 would get your debt-to-income ratio of 50% (debt or $1,000 plus house payment of $1,000 divided by your $4,000 income).

    Depending on the loan program that might be a little high. You have the option of paying off debt or getting a less expensive house payment (a cheaper house your put more money down to lower your payment).

    Debt-to-income in one factor that goes into what home you qualify for. For all questions and for a pre-approval contact our preferred lending partner.