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Daggett County Real Estate

Daggett County is a small county in the northeastern corner of Utah with a population just over 1,000. Founded in 1918, most of the economy of the area revolves around recreation, ranching and government land management.

Daggett County Real Estate History

Daggett County remains the least populated county in Utah, as well as its youngest. The county was formed in 1918 from Uintah County and gets its name from Ellsworth Daggett, the first surveyor here and the person who set up local irrigation. Daggett County homes for sale see very stable prices as there is very little movement in the market here.

Popular Cities’ Homes for Sale

Daggett County Real Estate Attractions

Daggett County is best known as the “Gateway to the Flaming Gorge,” which is the main attraction of the area. The Flaming Gorge Reservoir is located on the Green River of both Utah and Wyoming and it’s been a popular destination since the Flaming Gorge Dam was finished in 1964. The entire county is an outdoor adventurer’s dream with red rock canyons, majestic lakes and beautiful forests. As a resident of Daggett County, you can enjoy year-round fishing, hunting, rafting, biking and boating.

Major Influences of Daggett County

The economy of Daggett County revolves around tourism, agriculture and ranching, government land management and extracting natural gas. These industries drive most people to buy Daggett County property, although a few people also move here for small-town life in the beautiful red rock canyon country.

Grant and Down Payment Assistance

There are two down payment assistance programs available for buying real estate in Daggett County. The USDA rural loan program and the Utah Housing Loan program both offer 100% financing with no down payment necessary if you’re a first time home buyer interested in buying a house in the county.

Daggett County Real Estate Experts

Thinking about settling in Daggett County or are you planning to sell a home in the area? We’ll help you with every step of the real estate transaction and have experience with the market in the county. We’re proud to offer you the best and most knowledgeable real estate services in Utah. Contact the Daggett County realtors at Red Sign today!