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Does Your Agent Market Your Home to Other Agents?

While email campaigns, for sale signs and flyers will help to market your home and generate attention, a great agent knows that marketing your home to other agents is a winning strategy. More than 30% of all sales activity comes from agent-to-agent interaction, so you need a Utah real estate agent who will go the extra mile and actively market you home to other agents in the area if you want your home to sell quickly.


Before your agent even prints up brochures for your home, they’ll start by listing your property with the local MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. This database shows all homes listed by local agents who are members of the service, which his nearly all of them.


Your property listing will have all sorts of important information, including general information about the square footage and number of rooms, as well as details like whether it has hard wood flooring, any recent upgrades or special features. It will also feature pictures and a short description of what makes your home unique.

Agents representing buyers will search this database for homes that fit the needs of their clients searching for Utah real estate just like yours, and many will want to preview the home before showing it to clients. Having your home listed in the MLS is important because it expands your sales force, essentially putting hundreds of agents to work on your home.


A great Utah real estate agent won’t rest there, however; they’ll actively reach out to these other agents to tell them about your home and encourage them to put it first on their list of property tours for their buyers. There are many ways your agent may do this, including:

Agent-oriented flyers, which are brochures designed to help other agents show your listing. These flyers often have information that you wouldn’t put in a marketing brochure for buyers, such as a heads-up about a messy tenant living space. These brochures are sent out to agents representing buyers in the area.

Email marketing, which includes graphic new listings to make your home stand out.

Open houses for agents, which are designed to make other agents fall in love with your home and then show it extensively to their buyers.

Old-fashioned phone calls, which your agent uses to reach out to other agents in the area to talk about the features of your home and ask if they have any buyers who might be interested.


If you want to make sure your Utah real estate sells fast, make sure you get on board with the team at Red Sign, who will aggressively market your home through all available avenues, including other agents. Want to know more? Contact us today to learn more about our marketing strategy!

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