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Elevate Home Warranty

Home warranties are a great service to add to to your home purchase. Home warranties protect parts of your home if the break or stop working. Usually they last for a year and cover a wide range of appliances, mechanical failures, or other things that could break around your home. You don’t need this if you buy a new home because the home builder will cover this for you.

Elevate Home Warranty wants to protect the American Dream of home ownership and safe, vibrant communities. Elevate Home Warranty is committed to:

  • Protecting you from unexpected mechanical failures.
  • Increasing home safety.
  • Making your community a better place to live.

Our Home Warranty is designed with all that you expect and need in a home warranty and much more.

We choose Elevate Home Warranty  because the easy to get them to help and get them in quick to fix the things covered in your warranty.

As a buyer, we can ask that the seller pay for this for us. Plan range on price and coverage but the most common price is $400. It covers the electrical, plumbing, heating, AC, oven, stove, dishwasher, microwave, water heater, garage door openers, garbage disposals, sump pump, ceiling fans, and they even have a re-key service and seasonal tune up! If there is a problem you just pay for a service call and they fix anything that is coved.