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From Trendy to Timeless: 5 Ways to Elevate Your Home By Elizabeth Hales Design

Elizabeth Hales Design is a full-service interior and architectural design firm based in Salt Lake City, UT and serving clients worldwide. EHD is known for its forward thinking in executing high-end designs that achieve both sophistication and approachability. Working from conception to completion, Elizabeth incorporates architectural design that makes custom builds stand out on their own.

Fads come and go, but good taste is forever. When we spend so much of our time in indoor environments, we must be conscious of the light, colors, and materials that surround us.

At Elizabeth Hales Design, the goal is to rise above the trends of the 2020s by focusing on minimalism, luxury, and impact. Follow the process with these five elevated design tips that will upscale your home’s aesthetic and leave everyone breathless for years to come.

ONE- Begin with Architecture

High-end design begins with the structure itself, so your first step in elevating a space should be to put your architectural design in the spotlight.Knock out a wall to increase the functionality of your home. Add natural light where it makes sense, such as through skylights or upper windows, or consider a large vertical or horizontal window to add visual interest and bring the outdoors inside.

The top home spaces to invest in are the kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom/bathroom, and an outdoor/indoor entertaining area. You will get every penny back when you invest in these key spaces.

Your structure itself is art, so let it take the stage. All the angles of your home will speak for themselves requiring little need for objects and filler decor.


TWO- Design with Impact

Once you have an architecturally pleasing space, incorporate pieces that add visual interest. Be persistent and selective on what you allow into your space.

This is the step where you can be bold in your design and material selections. Natural materials such as stone and plaster add visual interest without too much perplexity because they allow texture and natural movement without adding additional objects to fill your space.

Being bold does not mean colorful and bright. It actually means the opposite.

When you use the principles of unity and harmony to your advantage, it eliminates any distractions that complicate your home.


THREE- Build an Intentional Color Palette

When building a color palette, keep two things in mind: (1) your home is your sacred space to relax, sleep, and entertain, and (2) color has a powerful effect on the mind. The best way to create an oasis at home is to select intentional colors that “invite calm”.

Elizabeth is a lover of warm tones because they add a touch of femininity and create a Hygge space. You can also add cool tones through pieces and objects for an equal balance.

Color selection is key in pursuing the overall comfort/feeling in your home.


FOUR- Spend Time on your Aesthetic

Scandinavian, modern, rustic, modern farmhouse, mountain modern, minimalist, traditional, urban…

There are so many styles out there. Most people don’t know what their personal aesthetic is until they see it, so seek inspiration and try to find out what you like. Honing in on your personal design aesthetic will help you set the tone for your entire space.

Clean and simple is a great place to start, but do not leave it empty or sparse. Your final step is to curate beautiful pieces and implement them correctly.

FIVE- Balance through Implementation

Finally, when it comes to interior decorations, do not overfill. Curate pieces, artwork, and furniture that balance your home.

Make selections not because they are on sale but because you love them and want them to be focal points in your home. Invest in pieces that will set your home apart. You will love spending time in your well-curated space because your surroundings will draw you in.

When it’s all said and done, remember that the reason to create timeless architecture and design is to invoke feeling and enjoy living in your beautifully designed home.

At Elizabeth Hales Design, we apply these simple interior design tips daily to build custom homes worldwide. Delivering timeless, luxurious, elevated spaces is our specialty. But don’t take our word for it, the work speaks for itself.


Full Blog Post: EHD Blog

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