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Grand County Real Estate

Located in eastern Utah along the Colorado border, Grand County has a rather small population of around 10,000. The county was named after the Colorado River, which was called the Grand River when the county was founded in 1890.

Grand County Real Estate History

Grand County sits on the Colorado Plateau, which has slowly been eroded over time to create beautiful canyons and scenery. The area was originally inhabited by the Anasazi people, with remains of their rock art and large cliff homes still visible to visitors today. The first white men to enter Grand County were explorers from Spain and fur traders eventually set up an important crossing here.

While Mormon settlers attempted to colonize Moab Valley as early as 1855, they were not able to truly settle here until the very late 1870’s, as Indians were already living on the land. Grand County did not see real population growth until the rise of the uranium market in the 50’s. Today, most of Grand County’s economy revolves around tourism as the area is home to some of the best river running, mountain biking and national park recreation in the state of Utah. Grand County also experiences a rather stable real estate market.

Popular Cities

Grand County Real Estate Attractions

Three national parks and protected areas are located in Grand County, in part, although all of Arches National Park is located here. The park has well over 2,000 sandstone arches, most notably the Delicate Arch, which is famous the world over. The park is located right next to Moab, the county seat and largest city.

Major Influences of Grand County

Historically, the economy in the area revolved around small farms and orchards, livestock and mining. Today, tourism is responsible for many of the jobs in Grand County, as visitors come from around the country to visit Arches National Park. Grand County real estate remains rather stable and the area itself has a much lower cost of living than most of the United States, making it a very desirable area for retirees and families. Many environmentalists also make Grand County their home, given the close proximity of some of the country’s best preserves.

Grants and Down Payment Assistance

There are two major down payment assistance programs available for Grand County real estate: the USDA Rural Housing program and the Utah Housing Corp program. Both offer 100% financing on a home purchase with no down payment required.

Grand County Real Estate Experts

Whether you’re buying a home or selling your house in Grand County, contact the Grand County realtors at Red Sign today for help. We’re well versed in the local real estate market in Moab and we’ll help you get the best price with friendly, knowledgeable services to make your real estate transaction quick and easy. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities waiting for you in Grand County!