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Pleasant Grove Real Estate

Pleasant Grove Real Estate History

Pleasant Grove, Utah County, was founded by Mormon settlers on 13 September 1850, and became an incorporated city on 19 January 1855. It is located twelve miles northwest of Provo and thirty-six miles southeast of Salt Lake City. At this site, the Mormons had their first conflict with the Indians on 5 March 1849 at the head of a stream that became known as Battlecreek; the settlement on this creek at first was unofficially called Battlecreek. Indians had their own name for the area–”Mepha” or “Little Waters.” The first settlers built impermanent cabins in a “pleasant grove” of trees. This was a more pleasing name and was adopted for the town.

Because of Pleasant Grove’s unique location and abundant alluvial deposits and sediment from Lake Bonneville, it is an ideal location for fruit trees. Pleasant Grove became the home of prominent fruit and berry producers. Unfortunately with urban growth only one large orchard remains in production.

Pleasant Grove Quick Facts

Population (2008): 33,798

Area: 8.7 sq mi

Famous Pleasant Grove Real Estate


The Purple Turtle – The Purple Turtle began in 1968 when the original owner had a dream about a successful restaurant named the Purple Turtle on that particular corner in Pleasant Grove. After having the same dream the next night, he acted on it, creating one of the most recognized local business to date.


Discovery Park – Developed by Novell to help get children excited about science, this park is amazing. Lots of wooden castle type structures and little scientific experiments scattered throughout. Definitely worth a visit.


Pleasant Grove Life Style

Pleasant Grove has a small-town feel, but is very near to the larger cities of Provo, Orem, and American Fork, with SLC just about 45 min away. It is a lovely, clean town with convenient grocery shopping, minimal traffic and crime, and many fun things to do nearby, such as hiking, golfing, fishing, camping, Thanksgiving Point Gardens and museums, etc. It is a fabulous place to raise a family and enjoy the natural beauty around you.

Pleasant Grove is home to a unique summer festival, Strawberry Days, the longest continuing community celebration in Utah to date.The city hosts the annual festival, usually held during the third week of June. A rodeo held in conjunction with this festival brings competitors and spectators from throughout the West. The festival includes parades, a carnival, pageants and other activities. Although no strawberries are currently grown commercially in the city, the festival takes its name from a time when strawberries were a major economic activity in the city. The first Strawberry Day celebration was held the second week of June, 1921. It was organized by the Wasatch Club, the forerunner of the Chamber of Commerce.

Pleasant Grove Down Payment Assistance

We pride ourselves on being up to date with all assistance programs that can save you money on your new home. There are programs specific to Pleasant Grove that offer grants and downpayment assistance that we can assist you in securing which will help to make your dream of owning a home in Pleasant Grove a reality. Contact us today so we can share these programs and incentives to you.

Pleasant Grove Housing Market Statistics

Consistent with real estate trends across the state, Pleasant Grove housing prices have plummeted in recent months. During the last month, however, it looks like prices bottomed out and started heading up again.

Builders in Pleasant Grove

  • Knight-West Homes
  • Richmond American Homes

Pleasant Grove Real Estate Experts

The Red Sign Team has been helping people interested in buying or selling Pleasant Grove real estate for years. Our experts are familiar with the market trends for Pleasant Grove, and Utah real estate in general. We are confident that we will be able to provide you with the friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and experienced real estate service that you deserve. Contact us today!