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Saratoga Springs Real Estate

Saratoga Springs History

Saratoga Springs was developed by a group of land owners desiring to develop lakeside and foothill properties to take advantage of the spectacular view and resort style history of the region. Near the mouth of the Jordan River there are natural hot springs that inspired early settlers in the area to create a resort known as Beck’s Saratoga Springs, named after the original Saratoga Springs, New York resort and Mr. John Beck, the owner. The resort opened in 1884 and had several buildings and amusement facilities. It was a popular location for tourists and visitors.

In the early 1990′s, landowners began to explore the possibility of developing the land around the hot springs and foothill locations of Lake Mountain. Saratoga Springs was incorporated in December of 1997, and since that time several hundred acres have been annexed into the city limits.

The city is one of the fastest growing in the nation. In the 2000 census there were only 1,003 people living in Saratoga Springs and recent estimates show that over 16,000 people now reside in Saratoga Springs. The combination of stellar views and inexpensive house prices have driven the Saratoga Springs economy to be the thriving city that it is today.

Saratoga Springs Quick Facts

Population (2009): 16,125

Area: 10.3 Sq Miles

Zip Code: 84045

Major Influences of Saratoga Springs Real Estate

Saratoga Springs boasts two things that are hard to come by in Salt Lake County real estate and Utah county real estate – newness and spaciousness. Since Saratoga Springs was incorporated only fourteen years ago all of it’s services and facilities are relatively new. Parks, homes, libraries, stores, etc. everything has a newer feel to it, and lots of people enjoy that feel. Likewise, Saratoga Springs is just in its infancy and as such there is lots of room to grow. If you are hoping to secure some acreage, Saratoga Springs has the space to invest in. This is also appealing because Saratoga Springs is near major thoroughfares (like I15 and Redwood Road) but removed enough to feel like you have some breathing room, unlike many areas of the valley.

The opening of “Pioneer Crossing” which connects Saratoga Springs to Lehi and I15 has greatly reduced commute times to and from the city. This has made living in Saratoga Springs a more feasible options for those who commute to work or school in surrounding cities.

Saratoga Springs Lifestyle

Saratoga Springs boasts a high quality of life that includes beautiful lakeshore living, a quiet and rural atmosphere, great air quality, superb views and an excellent central location midway between the Provo/Orem and Salt Lake City metro areas. There is good access to I-15 for both north and south travel and to the Bangerter Highway via Redwood Road for quick travel to Salt Lake International Airport (30-40 minutes by car) or other critical locations north of the City. Provo/Orem is located approximately 20-25 minutes by car via I-15.

The City has required that large donations of property for parks, open spaces and trails be set aside as a part of its normal and standard development requirements. The City offers outstanding lake access for skiers and boaters with an 8-acre public City Marina. An 18-hole golf course along the lakeside opened in the spring of 2003. There are office and retail areas planned in and around the views available from the foothills and within close proximity of the golf course.

Overall Saratoga Springs is an excellent choice for living, working, or raising a family.

Saratoga Springs Down Payment Assistance and Grants

Contact us today to learn more about Saratoga Springs specific programs that can provide you with financial help to make your dream of owning a home in Sandy a reality.

Saratoga Springs Housing Market Statistics

As shown in the graph below the home prices in Saratoga Springs have dropped over the past year and are now leveling out. The number of available homes has declined over the last year, hopefully this means the market will pick up soon and home prices will rebound. Until then, now is a great time to be purchasing a new home in Saratoga Springs.


Builders in Saratoga Springs

  • Richmond American Homes
  • Candlelight Homes
  • Bangerter Homes
  • Bigg Homes
  • Bishop homes
  • Mountain Vista Homes
  • Patterson Homes

Saratoga Springs Real Estate Experts

The Red Sign Team has been helping people interested in buying or selling Saratoga Springs real estate for years. Our experts are familiar with the market trends for Saratoga Springs and Utah real estate in general. We are confident that we will be able to provide you with the friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and experienced real estate service that you deserve. Contact us today!