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Iron County Real Estate

Iron County, located in Southern Utah, has a population over 45,000. While the county was originally called Little Salt Lake Valley, it was later renamed to Iron County after the nearby iron mines. The largest city is Cedar City, although the county seat is Parowan.

Iron County Real Estate History

The Iron County area was originally inhabited by the Fremont people, who left behind rock art that’s still visible today. The first white settler in the area was a fur trapper named Jedediah Smith in 1826 and Mormon settlers were eventually sent to establish Parowan here by Brigham Young in 1851. Cedar City was settled not long after and some of these original log homes can still be seen.

Unlike most of rural Utah, Iron County maintains a very robust and balanced economy, with agriculture, iron mining, national parks and more. With its central location between Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, Cedar City here has also become somewhat of a trade center and supply center. The real estate market continues to thrive as the population in Iron County grows year after year.

Popular Cities

Iron County Real Estate Attractions

Iron County has a lot to offer, from the Parowan Gap petroglyphs and natural beauty to the lower-than-average cost of living and great home prices. Iron County is home to the Southern Utah University and there’s a very strong economy here with a constantly growing population.

Major Influences of Iron County

Iron County separates itself from most of rural Utah with a very strong economy and strong growth. A rocket motor fuel plant is currently being built and a great deal of jobs involve the tourism trade, as Iron County is home to four national protected areas. There’s also an excellent four-year liberal arts college here (Southern Utah University) as well as thriving agriculture, iron mining and precious metal mining taking place. Many people relocate to the Iron County area to seek new job opportunities or purchase investment property, as the population and home prices continue to climb.

Grants and Down Payment Assistance

Thinking about buying a home in Iron County? You may qualify for the HomeStart government grant, which awards you up to $5,000 to use for closing costs and a down payment. This program triples the money you’ve already saved for your home up to $5,000, and becomes a real grant if you remain in the home for five years. You may also qualify for a no down payment home loan through the USDA Rural Housing program or the Utah Housing Corp.

Iron County Real Estate Experts

Planning to buy or sell a home in Iron County? Contact the experienced Iron County realtors at Red Sign today. We have years of experience with the Iron County real estate market and we’ll help you get the best price with our knowledgeable and friendly real estate services. Contact us today to learn more about the great opportunities in Iron County!