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Large Eagle Mountain Benches Project Gets Approved

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When people think of Eagle Mountain they think, “Oh!  That city way out there where hardly anyone lives”  That is about to change soon…in the coming decade or so that is.  Eagle Mountain became a city in 2001 and its growth has gone from over 2k people in 2001 to over 21k in 2010 and now has over 30k people living within city limits.
What most people don’t realize is the insane amount of space Eagle Mountain has to work with.  Utah County’s massive growth both  on the commercial front as well as residential now has even more space to expand.  To give you a comparison on city sizes in Utah County:
ScreenHunter_97 Sep. 09 10.55
Pretty big ha? Now to the Development project kicking off the Eagle Mountain Benches project.  This is the location.
Untitled design (12)
This east bench slopes up to Lake Mountain and will cover over 100 acres. The development will have room for thousands of new homes most sitting on larger agricultural lots for those who want a big home on a large lot.  With the recent city approval, this new development could see homes popping up as early as next spring.  With the influx of more and more families in Eagle Mountain, restaurants, dance studios and other commercial businesses are starting to eye Eagle Mountain as their next destination. Cough cough…,”Swig I’m talking to you.” #ineedyouswig
Eagle Mountain has a lot to offer and will become a huge population center for Utah County in the coming decade.  Thinking about moving there or investing in the area?  Talk to the Red Sign Team for the inside scoop and the incredible opportunities in Eagle Mountain.

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