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Now Is The Time To Sell

Pending Home Sales Stat

If you have ever thought about selling your home now is the time! The market is currently a sellers market, big time. This means you can get your home sold for more money and in less time than any other time. If you are looking to buy a home this does not mean you can’t find a place, it just means that there are less homes so more competition – so be prepared to have us help you move fast to get the deals.

Homes priced well in this market can expect to be on the market for 2 weeks or less (we have had 2 this week that received offers in 2 days of being listed) and they are getting multiple offers. This means home prices are being driven up by competition. Get an instant home value to see what you could sell your home for.

Pending home sales mean homes that have received and accepted offers. Usually they close in 30 days. In the graph you can see a trend upward mean more homes are selling than before. In fact, we are 14% higher than February of 2014. This helps us see that we will have more sold homes than before. We can see this 30 days before others start to realize the trend looking at home sales data.

What this means is now is the time to sell. Being in a sellers market and having more homes sold before means you will get more for your home!

Now is the best time to sell:

  • People like to wait until school is out to move. By putting your home on the market now puts you at the front of the pack for people looking to close right as school is out.
  • Less homes on the market means more showings and more offers.
  • Spring is always the best time to sell, statistically speaking.

Don’t wait until everyone else sees the market trends and jumps on the band wagon to sell. Take advantage of the market and have us help you get your home sold for the most money possible, in the least amount of time, and with the least amount of headaches. Get an instant home value to get started.


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