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Piute County Real Estate

Piute County, located in southern Utah, has a population under 2,000. The largest city is Circleville and the county gets its name from the Piute Native Americans.

Piute County Real Estate History

Piute County was a part of Beaver County until it was split off in 1865. Both Circleville and Junction were settled only a year before by Mormon pioneers as the area offered great lands for grazing. Shortly after the area was settled, a huge silver and gold boom brought hundreds of miners into the area and the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad line was eventually linked to Piute by 1900.

Today, much of the economy still revolves around agriculture although recreational activities also lead to more jobs. Otter Creek and Piute reservoirs here are great for water skiing, fishing and boating while Piute County homes for sale remain more affordable than most of Utah.

Popular Cities’ Homes for Sale

Piute County Real Estate Attractions

The Dixie and Fishlake National Forests are both located, in part, in Piute County. Dixie National Forest is headquartered in Cedar City and has rather impressive temperature and climate extremes. At mid-elevations, the park has juniper and pinyon pines while the higher elevations of the park are home to pine, spruce and fir trees. Both forests in the county offer plenty of recreation, including hiking, fishing and horseback riding.

Major Influences of Piute County

Residents in Piute County enjoy a very low cost of living. Most jobs here are in education and health services, although over 15% of the economy still revolves around agriculture, forestry and fishing. Home prices here are also much lower than most of Utah.

Grants and Down Payment Assistance

Thinking about buying a home in Circleville or Junction? You may qualify for the HomeStart grant program, which triples the money you’ve already saved for a down payment up to $5,000. Two especially popular programs in the county are the USDA Rural Housing program and the Utah Housing Corp. Both offer 100% financing on a home loan so you can buy a home even if you don’t have a down payment.

Piute County Real Estate Experts

Thinking about settling in beautiful Piute County? Contact the knowledgeable Piute County realtors at Red Sign today! We’ve helped people just like you buy homes in Circleville and Junction and we’ll help you get the best price possible. We can also help if you’re thinking about selling your home in the county. Contact us today to learn more about our strategy for you!