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Projects That Add Value to Your Home

If you are looking to do some projects to increase the value of your home, here are a few things you can do to add value to your home to help you get the most out of it when you are selling:

Finishing the Basement

Anything you can do to add more finished square footage with your home will give the biggest boost. If you are able to add a room or two and bathroom into the basement this will help you the most. More square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms always add more value than anything else. Make sure if you are doing this yourself it looks professional because it may help the value but it will hurt sell-ability if the home doesn’t look like a professional did it.

Upgrading flooring

Most people want to see some newer, nicer flooring when they move in. You don’t always have to go for hardwood or title to add the value. Sometimes just adding new carpet before selling will help get a few extra thousand out of the place because it will show that there is less to do when a buyer gets the home.

Upgrading bathrooms/kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms always seem to look out dated first and they usually take a lot more work to redo. So this is why upgrading them will add value to your home. If there was one was only one you could do, we would say spend time upgrading the kitchen because that will get you more bang for your buck when you do sell the place.

Projects That Help Sell But Don’t Add Value

Some things you will do will help you sell your home but won’t add value to your home in an appraisers eye. These things could still get you more money because they will make your home more desirable but they don’t add money into your pocket unless we get a few people all wanting the home because of those features you add.

These projects are a little more simple and are easier for the DIY projects. Most of them will be helpful to you even if you don’t move out for a long while.

  • Finished well maintained yard
  • Extra storage spaces (built in book cases, selves in garage, etc)
  • Paint
  • Extra Lighting
  • Fence
  • New sink faucets
  • Re-finish cabinets

These are just a few of the things that could be simple to do and help out. If your home is is pretty good shape you can always do a few of these little things instead of one of the bigger remodel projects. For example, to give your kitchen a better look, you could re-finish or paint the cabinets, add a new faucet to the sink, and add a backsplash of titles. All those projects aren’t too difficult but it would give a boring kitchen a new, fresh look.