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Property Management

1)    Our fully integrated website ( allows tenants to apply online, pay rent online, report maintenance issues online and access their accounts online.  It also provides property owners access to their accounts online as well.

2)    We have a ONE TIME set up fee of $250 per rental unit – which is taken out of the first month’s rent – you have zero out of pocket when you appoint RESE to take care of your property

3)    There are NEVER any additional fees or costs to you EVER – we cover advertising, credit checks, background checks, uncontested evictions (this is not a standard industry inclusion), etc

4)    We will add a 10% markup to approved maintenance costs, we work really hard to keep these costs to a minimum – it is our objective to ensure you pay less, including our mark up, than you would if you bought it yourself!

5)    A significant portion of the management fee is paid to our property managers – this ensures they are motivated to deliver a world class service, they are not paid a salary

6)    We have an active proactive program called the “tenant placement program” where we work with prospective tenants to find them rentals – so often we already have pre-approved RESE tenants for the properties we are appointed to manage!

7)    Our property management agreements do NOT include a time period – if you really want to fire us (highly unlikely) we do not want to hold you to a contract against your will – we are that confident you will love RESE Property Management we put our money where our mouth is!

8)    We regard our relationships with our referring realtors as being fundamental to the continued success of our business model and, as a result, are prepared to go the extra 2 miles for you, their client.

9)    We are totally committed to constantly improving our delivery and request feedback wherever we can
There are no other fees, costs, deposits or hidden clauses for you to worry about when you deal with RESE Property Management!!

We would love to look at any project you may have now, or in the future.

If you have any additional questions or need anything from me – please never hesitate to call, email or text us anytime – we would really love to know what you think about our model!

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