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Red Sign Team returns from Real Estate Mecca – KW Mega Camp 2016

RST Mega Camp 2016

3 Take-a-ways from Keller Williams MegaCamp 2016:


  1.  Either shift, or be shifted. We studied the market data in depth and reviewed the key market indicators. Gary Keller didn’t have a crystal ball but clearly has done the research regarding the inevitable shift. As agents we should always be positioning and preparing for the next shift.
  2. KW really does believe in its mantra of “God, Family, then business”. During a general session all 15,000 attendees bowed their heads in prayer that we might become a force of good for the world.
  3. The Red Sign Team is ready to grow.  At megacamp we studied the economic, budget, and organization model of the millionaire real estate team.  My big aha is that the Red Sign Team is actually doing things right and capable of growing right now.  We will actively be recruiting new team members in the months to come!

It’s always refreshing and exciting to be surrounded by the best agents across the world.  It brings perspective and is humbling.  If you’d like my notes or to discuss many other aha’s from the event, feel free to reach out personally!

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