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Rich County Real Estate

Rich County Real Estate

Rich County, which sits in the very north of Utah, has only four major settlements with a population over 2,000. The county takes its name from Charles C. Rich, an LDS apostle. The largest city is Garden City, although the county seat is Randolph.

Rich County Real Estate History

This small county, only 18 miles wide and 53 miles long, is bordered by Wyoming, Idaho and part of Bear Lake. Fur trappers visited Rich County early in the 19th century and the area became a popular spot for trappers, many of which met on the southern shore of Bear Lake in the 1820’s. The first white settler, Thomas Smith, came in the mid-1800’s and started a horse exchange, trading post and cattle business. While Brigham Young tried many times to buy his business, he held fast and remained in the region until 1863, when he finally became discouraged.

The Homestead Act of 1862 gave Brigham Young an opportunity and he began sending Mormon settlers to the county to create settlements. The first, North Twin Creek, was founded right near Paris, Idaho. Rich County was originally a part of Green River County although it became Richland in 1864. It was shortened to Rich in 1868 and part of Cache County was eventually added to it four years later. Today, the area still has an economy centered on agriculture and farming, although recreation is also popular here.

Popular Cities

  • Randolph
  • Garden City

Rich County Real Estate Attractions

Bear Lake in Rich County has nearly 110 square miles of beautiful, pristine waters ideal for sail boating, swimming, water skiing, scuba diving and more. There are plenty of resorts in the area with tennis and golfing as well. Because the area is so isolated, it has also become a mecca for fishermen from around Utah, Wyoming and Idaho and the Bonneville Cisco are harvested with nets in January by simply dipping nets into holes cut in the ice.

Major Influences of Rich County

Most of the economy in Rich County revolves around agriculture and cattle, although recreation has come to play a very big role. Many people who move to Rich County do so for the amazing water sports here, including fishing and water skiing.

Grants and Down Payment Assistance

If you’re considering moving to Rich County, you’ll probably qualify for a program that offers down payment assistance, such as the HomeStart federal grant program which can triple the money you’ve already saved up to $5,000. The USDA Rural Housing and Utah Housing Corp programs are also popular here if you want a 100% financing home loan for Rich County.

Rich County Real Estate Experts

Thinking about selling or buying a home in Rich County? Before you do, contact the friendly and experienced Rich County realtors at Red Sign today. We have years of experience handling real estate transactions in the area and we’ll help you get the best price possible — and qualify for a great grant program, too. Contact Red Sign today to learn more about the opportunities available in Rich County!