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San Juan County Real Estate

San Juan County Real Estate

San Juan County sits in the southeastern part of Utah. It has a population exceeding 15,000 and takes its name from the San Juan River, which was named in honor of Saint John by Spanish explorers. The county is located on the Arizona-Colorado-New Mexico border and borders more counties than any other county in the US. The largest city in the county is Blanding, although the county seat is Monticello.

San Juan County Real Estate History

San Juan County sits right in the middle of the Colorado Plateau, surrounded by beautiful rock formations, cliffs and mesas. Both the San Juan and Colorado Rivers run through here as well. The ancient Pueblo people lived in San Juan County for hundreds of years and their cliff houses and petroglyphs continue to fascinate residents and visitors to the area.

The first white residents didn’t come until 1879 when Mormon scouts exploring a route decided to form settlements here. Bluff was the first area settled although farming didn’t pick up for some time as the San Juan River is notoriously unpredictable. Once settlers found that the higher part of the county was easier to live in, Monticello and Bluff became the true centers of the county’s population.

The area has seen many booms, including during the famous gold rush on the early 1890’s. Oil and gas production caught on much later, followed by the uranium boom of the 50’s. Today, much of the economy still revolves around livestock, agriculture and mining although the abundance of protected areas here means tourism is becoming a major part of San Juan’s economy as well.

Popular Cities

  • Blanding
  • Monticello

San Juan County Real Estate Attractions

Want to get in touch with nature? There are few places as diverse as this little corner of Utah with beautiful canyons, desert, clear lakes and rivers and stunning mountains. The county is home to the Rainbow Bridge and Natural Bridges national monuments as well as parts of Canyonlands National Park, Manti-La Sal National Forest, Hovenweep National Monument and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. There are also a number of well-known rock formations in the county, including Bears Ears, Mexican Hat, Zeke’s Bathtub and Paul Bunyan’s Potty. The area has something for everyone, including hiking and canyoning, fishing, horseback riding, boating and kayaking.

Major Influences of San Juan County

Like most of Utah, San Juan County residents enjoy a low cost of living that makes the area especially desirable to retirees and families. As the only operating Uranium processing plant operates here in the town of Blanding, a fair amount of people move to the area for work. There are also gas and oil fields throughout the county that contribute to the local economy.

Grants and Down Payment Assistance

If you’re considering buying property in San Juan County, there are three major programs that can help. The HomeStart program is a government grant that can triple the money you’ve already saved while the USDA Rural Housing and Utah Housing Corp offer no down payment mortgages on real estate in the area.


San Juan County Real Estate Experts

Ready to learn more about the beauty and adventure waiting for you in San Juan County? Contact the friendly San Juan County realtors at Red Sign today. We’ll help you get a great price on a new home or sell the home you already have. We’re proud of our knowledgeable real estate services and we look forward to the opportunity to help you!