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Short Sale Experts

Our team has been helping people sell their upside down Utah homes through short sales since 2007. More and more families continue to refer their friends and family to us because of the success they had when hiring us to coordinate their Utah short sale. We work hard to make sure we successfully negotiate with the short sale bank and bring a qualified buyer to buy your home for top dollar.

8 Reasons to Hire Us

1.  Explore All Options First

We believe in coming from a “consulting” point of view and not just a sales aspect.  Therefore, we are committed to exploring all your options when considering a short sale.  Options may include:

  • Loan Modification – Stay in Home
  • Rent the Home
  • Short Sale the Home
  • Deed in Lieu

Knowing your future plans and goals will help us determine if a short sale is the right path for you.

2.  Minimize Credit Damage

We understand what actions and steps it takes in order to minimize credit damage.  For example, many real estate professions will tell you that you must miss payments to do a short sale.  This is wrong.  You do NOT need to miss payments to complete a short sale.  In fact, many of our short sales are completed without missing payments.  This dramatically helps your credit.  When it comes to the short sale deficiency, we work closely and aggressively with each bank to make sure they report the short sale accurately and in a way that will look best on your credit report.

3. Timely Results

We’ve all heard of short sales sometimes taking years to compete.  We have a dedicated staff to negotiating short sales.  This ensures that the process is timely and smooth.  According the Utah MLS the average short sale takes about 5 and half months to complete.  Our average is around 4 months with it only getting faster.  Of course every bank is different and we can’t know how long your short sale will take until we can analyze all the aspects of your situation.

4. Waived Deficiencies

We are good at negotiating the deficiency with the bank.  90% of all our short sale clients get a letter from their bank stating that the deficiency will NOT be pursued in any way.  To ensure they stand behind their letter, we make sure the follow through by sending you a Tax Form 1099 which is evidence that they are reporting the loss to the IRS.  For questions on the tax implications of the 1099, please see our contact us.

5.  Hassle Free

We understand doing a short sale can be as emotional and intense time.  We truly want to provide you the peace of mind that you have a powerful team looking out for your interests, handling each little aspect of the short sale.  Once we initiate the process you will receive a weekly email with an detailed description of what we’ve been working on that week.  You will be informed each step of the way regarding the progress so there will never be a surprise announcement that you have to move out of your home.  You will always have at least a 60 day notice before you have to vacate your home.

6.  Full Service Marketing

We believe in procuring the highest offer possible on your home.  This might seem obvious, but many agencies do not approach short sales this way.  They simply get an investor to write a low offer and push that offer to the bank in hopes the bank will approve it and they can flip the house.  We implement a full marketing plan in order to procure the highest offer possible on your home.  This way we minimize the deficiency amount and give our sellers the peace of mind that we have done all we can to make “whole” with the bank.

7. True Industry Experts

We truly are Short Sale Experts.  Our team completes dozens of Utah short sales a month.  We constantly attend trainings and stay in touch with banks and policy makers regarding short sales.  Laws are changing constantly and banks continue to modify how they work with short sales.  We’re committed to being Utah’s foremost source for all things “short sale”.

8.  Past Clients Agree

“The Red Sign Team was amazing in the management of the short sale of our house in Saratoga Springs. In the middle of a recession with lots of property on the market, Clay & Jonny were able to get our home sold in an efficient and timely manner. Every detail was covered including negotiation with the bank, marketing the home, and all the advice and information we needed along the way. I highly recommend the Red Sign Team as a seller’s agent for anyone who many be looking.”
William Munn
Saratoga Springs