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Stake Your Claim in Lunar Real Estate Today!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to upgrade your lifestyle from mowing crabgrass to manicuring a moon crater? Or instead of instantly tossing meatloaf from Mrs. Erickson next door you could share an earthrise and space cookie with the extra terrestrials across the plane?

Luckily for you, now you can make your moon-living dreams a reality! While most humans are busy debating the existence or non-existence of life on Mars, you can start yours on the moon today for a fraction of the price! Cost per square acre on the universe’s most mystical space rock have reduced to a mere $30.00/ac. That’s right! For less than the price of an earthly dinner night out, you can be one of the first humans to transfer their white picket fence from mortal to celestial!

Don’t hesitate to make your move today, these unbelievably low prices won’t last forever and will certainly go quickly! With these earth shattering low prices, it wouldn’t matter if or when earth actually did shatter, because you will be completely happy and settled in your new lunar lifestyle.

Check out LunarLand for all the info. Or, if Moon land is too far or not your thing, search for real estate on earth.

***Prices per square acre offered for limited time only and directly related to relative position to the sun and UV exposure. Travel to purchased property is full responsibility of resident. Financing for property not guaranteed in all states and subject to intergalactic taxes and fees. Some restrictions apply. See your nearest Moon Realtor for more details. Satisfaction not guaranteed.

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