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Utah Home Auctions

Is your home, or a home your interested in, going to auction?

The majority of Utah Home Auctions, that have gone through foreclosure, are serviced by the attorney firm Lundberg and Associates. In order for a home to be foreclosed on, the home owner will receive a Notice of Trustee Sale (See if your home has received that notice by clicking on that link), then the home will be turned over to the law office to complete the sale at the courthouse.

The actions take place in a few different courthouses through out Utah. Salt Lake County has moved most of their Utah Home Auctions to the 3rd District Courthouse in West Jordan:

8080 S. Redwood Rd. Suite 1701
West Jordan, UT 84088


Utah Home Auction Experts

With several years experience in the Utah Home Auction proceedings, we have learned what it takes to both, stop homes from going to auction, as well as helping buyers buy from the auctions. If you are in trouble and face your home being foreclosed on, don’t hesitate to contact us right now. We promise to do all we can to stop your home from being foreclosed on.

The Red Sign Team has been helping people avoid foreclosure since 2007.  They know the real estate industry here in Utah and undertand how hard it can be to work with banks during the foreclosure process.  They have helped dozens of people pull their homes out of foreclosure proceeding and successfully complete a Utah Short Sale or Loan Modification to keep the family in the house.   With all the great new government and bank programs for homeowners in trouble, it takes an expert to find out which route is best for your home to avoid going to the foreclosure auction.

See a list of homes to be auctioned