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Utah Home Builders

Buyers have so many options in the current real estate market that builders must be competitive in their pricing and quality to stay afloat. This buyers market has forced builders to step up their game, and those who are buying new homes in Utah are reaping the rewards of the battle of the builders.

Why Use an Agent?

As a home buyer it is vital that you are professionally represented when you enter a contract with a builder for your new home. The process is intricate and the contract is binding. Our team will ensure that you get exactly the home you want and that you are informed and educated about the very detailed process of buying a new construction home. Remember that the Red Sign team needs to accompany you on your first visit to the builder in order to be able to represent you.

Other benefits to having the Red Sign team represent you through the home building process –

  • We know the current Utah real estate market
  • We understand and can help you navigate complex builder contracts
  • We have extensive knowledge about builder incentives and promotions,  and we can help you interpret the often misunderstood fine print of these incentives.
  • We have experience with new home construction negotiation procedures
  • We can be a mediator between you and the builder if conflict arises
  • We are thoroughly educated about the builder mortgage financing process
  • We can and will negotiate the lowest possible sales price with the builder
  • We will represent YOU. The sales team and agents provided by the home builder do not represent you. Their goal is to sell you a home in their development with terms that are best for the builder. Our goal is to get to know you and find a home (no matter the builder, no matter if it is new or old) that is right for you and your family.
  • Remember having our team represent you through the process comes at NO cost to you!

The Red Sign team has a wide knowledge base and has been through the new home buying process countless times before. We know what questions to ask builders to ensure that you wind up in the right home for you. We look forward to being your advocate through this process.

Utah Home Builders

Buying a new home is a fun and exciting process. With builders competing for buyers, increased quality of home construction, and low interest rates, now is the perfect time to investigate whether buying a brand new home is the right choice for you and your family.

Listed below are Utah builders, please visit their site page to learn about each builder and about the communities they are creating.

New Home Buying Experts

We at the RedSign team look forward to assisting you through the new home buying process. We have been helping clients buy new homes for years and look forward to providing you with the same service and expertise that Utah real estate buyers have come to expect from us. Best of all having the RedSign team as your advocate through the home building process costs you absolutely nothing. Contact us today so we can answer any questions you have and begin the process of building your new home together.