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What To Do When Your House Didn’t Sell?

We run into people all the time that have listed their home for sale and for whatever reason it doesn’t sell. When you list with an agent they will get you to sign a listing agreement for a certain length of time. When that time runs out your home is said to “expire” and you change agent, how you list, or give up. Here is our opinion on the best options for the situation you might be in.


Very few showings while on the market

You were on the market for long enough to get an offer but you didn’t feel like you had enough people walk through the home for you to receive a good offer.

The Problem: There could be a few things wrong here.

1 – The price is too high – if you are priced above the market you might get a few people that don’t know the market coming by to see the home but when they compare you to other similarly priced homes the others beat you out.

2 – The marketing wasn’t done in a way to attract buyers to come see your home. Common problems we see when the marketing isn’t done well are errors in your listing information, no description, and bad pictures.

3 – Showing requests from buyers were rejected (more common with renters in the house). For this problem let us show you how we could market your home and get it sold quickly so you can get the renters out but not be out a lot of money without the rental income. See how to sell your home quickly.

What to do: Contact us and we will come out and see your home, do a professional Comparative Market Analysis, and audit the last listing information. With this we can give you an honest feedback on the problem and the exact solution to get your home sold.


Showings but not offers

Some agents are great at pushing buyers and other agents to bring their buyers to walk your through your home. It is great to have activity but it is better to have offers.

The Problem:Usually this means your home is slightly over priced (maybe only 3 to 5%). It also could mean that the marketing doesn’t properly show the home – the marketing is better than your home is.

What to do: Do a home valuation and we will take that to do a professional Comparative Market Analysis to see where the price should be. We will also walk your property to let you know if there are any fixes that could be made to get an offer without changing the price. Sometimes it is as easy as decluttering your home and staging it to get a full price offer.

When you are listed with us we follow up with every showing and ask 4 simple question: How was the appearance? Are you making an offer? What will it sell for? Other feedback. This way we can know of tweaks we need to make to get offers.


Offer accepted by not closed

Some people are able to get an offer and start the closing process but are unable to get the buyer to close.

The Problem: Usually when this happens there is lack of experience of the agents on the listing and/or selling side. Sometimes it means that the agent wasn’t helping save the deal at any cost.

What to do: You know at least one person liked your home enough to make an offer. Contact us to put our experience and deal making attitude to work to make sure we can get your home sold.

We even have the option of having our licensed inspector