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Where it all started…

OutsideWe bought our condo back in 2009. We were an engaged couple planning a wedding and trying to decide where we were going to start our new lives together. We looked at many different properties and just when I was about to throw in the towel we found a wonderful condo that we instantly fell in love with.

Just a few of the things we fell in love with include:

Just the right amount of space, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
A separate laundry room
Ground level
A HUGE master closet
Two storage areas – one indoor space, one outdoor space
A coat closet and a pantry closet
The French door on the room we would make our office
Close to freeway entrances
And everything that is in walking distance – Some of our favorite places to eat, movie theatres, a gym, a grocery store, retail stores, and an emergency room

For us, the condo was full of all of our firsts: our first home, our first time hosting family dinner, our first Christmas, our first decorating project. Fast forward a couple years and it was the home we would bring our first child to, and where she learned to do so many things on her own. We celebrated her first time sleeping through the night, the first time she ate solids, we had crawling races down the long hallway, and it was in our living room that she learned to stand on her own and dance.

While it was our first home as a new couple and family, the condo is the perfect to be the first place you figure out life as an adult on your own or live with your roommates. It’s a great home for that ‘next stage’ in your life whether you have older children or that’s the empty nest life. It’s a perfect neighborhood with all you could need close by, and yet it’s a quiet sanctuary to relax in when you just want to be at home.

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