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Why Have a Buyer’s Agent – Video


The biggest reason to use an agent is to make sure you have someone looking out for your bottom line. The seller’s agent (or seller on a For Sale By Owner) wants to make the most money possible and and make the transaction easier on the seller, not you. This is also true of new construction. If you plan to build a home the agent that is in the model home is there to help the seller, aka the builder.

As your agent, we will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions along the way, and make sure every problem that could come up is dealt with as a win for you and not the just the seller.

Also a Buyer’s Agent does not cost you anything. The seller has made an agreement to pay the seller’s agent a commission (usually 6%). If you don’t have an agent, that seller’s agent takes all 6%, if you have a buyer’s agent the seller’s agent will pay the buyer’s agent out of that 6% (usually splitting it) rather than taking it all.

Make sure someone is looking out for you.

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