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Why I choose Gary Keller as a business “Prophet”

In a recent podcast interview by Tim Ferris, he asked Gary Keller about what he meant about choosing prophets in your life.  Gary explained that you could use his “One Thing” focusing question on many things including choosing your mentors, or “prophets”, in life by asking, “Who’s the one person (in a specific area of life) you could follow, such that by following, everything else would become easier or unnecessary?”  Well Gary, I choose you.  Here’s why:

Gary drawing one of his many models.

Proven Models, Systems & Teaching

Early on in my real estate career, I had little exposure to GK the man.  However, I embraced his classes, his books and most importantly decided as an uncreative person, I would not reinvent the wheel and build a business based on models and systems that he laid out.  It paid off.

Since then I have become much closer to the man and a true disciple of his teaching from finding success in their implementation.  He hasn’t lead my business astray and when I hear him describe the hours and hours his research team puts into researching the top in the business so he can continue to deliver models of best practice, I don’t expect he’ll lead me astray in the future.

Vision & Energy

Thanks to the Red Sign Team’s production level I have been lucky enough to attend the platinum mastermind (the pirates) that meets with Gary quarterly.  I few meetings ago after Gary assumed the role of CEO (again) of KWRI, he made the comment after a discussion about health, that we haven’t seen anything yet and that he was “just getting started!”  I believe this. His commitment to helping agents build million-dollar business is palpable. It’s evident in everything he does from his transformation of KW to a tech company to his new podcast, Think Like a CEO.

Gary Keller & Clay Winder

He’s the Example for the Mega Agent

And I don’t mean this as a cliche.  I actually think agents keep missing this message.  Earlier this year at one of our quarterly masterminds he walked into the room and the first question he asked was “What’s different between us?”  After a few random answers that he didn’t like he said, “No, I just think bigger than you.”  He then went on to talk about all the ancillary businesses that he’s involved with; mortgage, insurance, rentals, and what seemed like dozens of other ancillary businesses.  That was the reminder I needed.  Sales is core but just the beginning and catalyst into the rest of the growth of the real estate empire.

Cheers to 2020

I expect great energy and inspiration from Gary Keller this year.  I hope to accomplish even a fraction of what he inspires me to do.  I’m grateful to have “Prophets” like him in my industry to follow.

-Clay Winder

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