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Why Not To Search for Homes on KSL

KSL has a strong hold on the classified ads market in Utah. If you are going to sell anything you own you will probably post it 1 or 2 places, a Facebook yard sale and KSL.┬áReal estate doesn’t escape being posted on KSL. The biggest problem, KSL isn’t really regulated. Let me show you want I mean.

Here is a house a client sent us today. It’s a duplex in Provo. It has a great return on investment with high rents at a pretty low price. Sounds like the thing we should find, right?┬áHere is why we didn’t:

KSL says the home has been on the market 7 days. That means that 7 days ago the agent either posted or renewed this ad.

When we saw the ad we jumped on the MLS to do a quick search to see what we could find out about the house and set up a showing. By the way, the MLS is very regulated, real estate agents can get fined if information is not accurate.

The search on the MLS showed that it was sold 2 months ago. We are talking sold, like a new person owns the house, has moved in, and everything. This home should not have been marketed for over 2 months! The worst part, is that this ad is going to be up for another 5 and 1/2 months unless the agent manually take it down.

So as our client got excited about this house we had to let them know that this is another home on KSL that the agent leaves up or reposts in hopes of getting buyers to call them and then they try to sell them on another house.

The best place to look for homes is a site like We pay money to mirror the MLS. You can see exactly what is listed on the most accurate source for homes. That means, as you find homes here, you can go see them. If there is an error, we send a message to the MLS we can get it fixed or the agent will be fined.

Not all homes on KSL that are sold are left there on purpose. Some agents are pretty good about posting the ad to get traffic for the seller but they are awful about marketing it as sold.


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